Hey Creatives!!

Today we discussed how we could goal plan in tackling those licensure fears and anxiety! Check out the 6 things below to help ease your mind about taking any upcoming Social Work Licensure Exams!

Don’t be hard on yourself, understand that anxiety is real when planning an studying for your licensure exams. Give yourself room to still enjoy life!!!

Pick a weekly schedule that will best fit to your daily life activities.

Locate a popular study group locally or on your local college campus.

Research licensure materials that works best for you. (There are so many and everyone have different learning styles).

Reach out to fellow Social Workers and see what tips they could assist you with.

Breath, Relax and Practice positive self affirmations everyday that you will pass your test!

Please share below other tips or resources that may help our Creatives!

We will be back soon with another blog :)