• Please note all planners are in Pre-Order status and will ship out in December. An estimate date will be provided via email once all bulk planners arrive.

  • All packages are shipped via USPS with Priority shipment.

  • Once our bulk shipment arrives, we’ll start processing orders within 1-2 days. Processing orders means, your planner will be in the packaging stage and getting ready to be shipped to the local USPS.

  • Once your order status say “fulfilled” you will receive a confirmation email stating your order has shipped with a tracking number. Please wait 24-48 hours before your tracking number display “real time” updates. 

  • If you have not receive your package within 7 business days, please contact the support line at

  • Please ensure that all mailing addresses are correct. If you’ve made a mistake, please email asap!

  • Billing and shipping information must match the credit card in which you are purchasing your product with. Although we have fraud protection in place, this will be to protect against any type of credit fraud or scam.

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